Study shows lawn care is key for home buyers, sellers

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Homeowners believe their yards will either help or hurt them in getting top dollar for their house this home-buying season, TruGreen’s Lawn Lifestyles National Survey of America shows.

Seventy-nine percent of the homeowners asked agree that “having a healthy, green lawn contributes to the overall value of a home” and 56 percent of the homeowners surveyed said “when buying a home, a good lawn would warrant a higher price.” In fact, 53 percent of those surveyed believe that “the quality of the homeowner’s lawn can tell you a lot about the quality of the home overall.”

Curb appeal, or that initial feeling that homeowners get when looking at the exterior of a home, is important when selecting a house to buy.

The Lawn Lifestyles Survey revealed that 72 percent of those surveyed said “it takes seconds to form a first impression about the outside of a home” and those impressions take root, as 38 percent said “once I’ve formed an opinion about a home’s appearance, it is hard to change my mind.”

In fact, 71 percent of homeowners surveyed in the TruGreen Home Features Report said curb appeal was important in choosing their home, according to the National Association of Realtors. Seventy-one percent of the homeowners asked reported purchasing a home with a healthy, green lawn and 72 percent reported buying a home with well-maintained landscaping.

Invasive weeds are on homeowners’ minds. Treating and preventing weeds is 34 percent of homeowners’ top area of interest for learning more about lawn care, according to the Lawn Lifestyles National Survey. And although 54 percent of the homeowners surveyed consider themselves knowledgeable about taking care of their lawn care needs, few seem to ace the test, on average scoring their lawn a C+.

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