Sunseeker debuts new autonomous mower at Equip Expo

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(Photo: Sunseeker)

Sunseeker will make its North American debut in Louisville, Ky., at Equip Exposition on Oct. 18-20. The company said it will also debut its newest robotic lawnmower, the Platform X.

Platform X incorporates three features including real-time kinematic (RTK) for precision boundary tracking within a 0.7-inch margin, virtual simultaneous localization and mapping (VSLAM), and an artificial intelligence sense system (AISS).

Sunseeker said these features enable multi-zone management, establish perimeter wire-free boundaries and navigate around obstacles. RTK handles the majority of tasks. However, Sunseeker said in scenarios where Platform X encounters obstructive elements such as dense bushes that could potentially weaken the signal, disrupt connectivity or induce disorientation, the VSLAM and AISS ensure there are no issues with Platform X completing its job. The Platform X also boasts a cutting width of 14 inches and auto height adjustment between 0.8 and 4 inches. The Platform X also offers all-wheel drive, including slope climbing capabilities of 35 degrees, or 70 percent slope grade.

The Platform X has remote app control with Google and Amazon voice control connectivity to activate even when its users are far away. It has a smart visual-based quick return to its stand when it is alerted to low battery and a low noise design (under 55 decibels). Platform X also includes auto charger, rain sensor and LED light.

Sunseeker offers a wide range of products, from weatherproof backpack batteries, trimmers, and brush cutters to ergonomic hedge trimmers, chainsaws and turbo boost function handheld blowers.

Sunseeker said will showcase its Platform X and other products at indoor booth No. 1160 and outdoor booth No. 7460D.

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