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How to analyze your equipment fleet

November 12, 2012By

It’s that time of year again. Time to sharpen the pencils, clean the eyeglasses and put new batteries in the old calculator. But business planning doesn’t have to be so difficult. Close your fiscal snapshot by finishing the financial aspects of your new business plan, establishing new sales goals and reviewing your human capital needs. Now’s the perfect time to... read more

How to sell sincerely

October 14, 2012By

I remember a conversation I had with a friend who worked as a project manager for a large commercial real estate development company. The name of a particular landscape company came up and my friend became apoplectic: “Oh! Those guys suck! I just had them on one of my projects. Hate ‘em! They were a pain in the ass every... read more

How to prepare Latinos for leadership

October 12, 2012By

It’s no secret the Hispanic workforce has become an integral part of success for many lawn care and landscape companies. A recent study published by the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce declared the lawn care and landscape industry as key to the economic and entrepreneurial development of the Hispanic community in the U.S., and the numbers are staggering. Latinos represent... read more

How to build a company that runs itself

October 12, 2012By

Are you ready for the good life—by handing off the reins of your business? It requires making a three-step transition from full-time and overworked owner-operator, to professional manager, to partly or fully retired owner enjoying the fruits of your labor. To achieve the dream of more discretionary time and money, you have to make eight personal shifts in how you... read more

How to prevent business failure

October 9, 2012By

As consultants, we’re constantly asked “What are the reasons companies succeed?” or “What do other companies do to make more money?” Recently, I received an unusual question: “What are the top 10 reasons companies fail?” Typically, consultants are optimists and think about why businesses succeed, so fielding this question is outside the normal response zone, but here goes. Lack of cash... read more

Add-On Biz: Landscape therapy

October 9, 2012By

Researchers say natural settings can lower stress, decrease blood pressure and heart rate and relieve muscle tension. That’s the catalyst behind a growing trend toward adding healing gardens to hospital campuses, nursing homes and other health care settings. Monji Landscape Cos., a Bakersfield, Calif.-based firm, has gotten into designing and installing these gardens and has found it to be beneficial—not... read more