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Government Affairs: What’s all the fuss over 2,4-D and dicamba?

March 2, 2018By

The herbicides 2,4-D and dicamba have been around for a long time. Both have been go-to herbicides in the fight against weeds, both in production agriculture and landscape maintenance. But their growing use by production agriculture is causing concern due to the tendency of both 2,4-D and dicamba to volatilize and cause collateral damage to nearby crops in nontargeted fields.... read more

2,4-D Research Portal up and running

April 9, 2015By

In celebration of its 70th anniversary, Industry Task Force II on 2,4-D Research Data unveiled the 2,4-D Research Portal. The portal is designed to meet the needs of researchers in government, academia and the green industry, acting as a source for peer-reviewed publications and regulatory decisions on 2,4-D. Multitudes of research studies have been conducted in the molecule’s 70-year history to... read more