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Video: Power of a peer group

July 20, 2015By

“Who’s holding you accountable? Who’s helping you steer your business in the right direction?” Jeffrey Scott asks in his latest video. Here are four benefits to being in a peer group. read more

Systemization Series: How to create (and use) an org chart

April 2, 2015By

This post is part six of Dan Pestretto’s seven-part systemization series. Read on to part seven, “Systemization Series: How to design a system,” here. Last week I cruised over the importance of having a well-defined description of the future business you intend to create. You could think of it like, “How do I want this business to be running when I am ready to... read more

Bruce’s View: Support growth by lowering costs

February 17, 2015By

This year may well be a breakout. Economic indicators show a faster growth rate for business, credit markets are loosening up and data point to an increase in labor market momentum. With construction spending on the rise, more robust growth in landscape maintenance services is sure to follow. For landscape contractors, an increased demand in opportunities and account activity will... read more

High Performance: 60 days and dwindling

January 12, 2015By

Looking at the calendar, there are 60 business days from Jan. 5 to March 27. Where I come from, a typical spring landscape season begins the first week of April. For many of you, you may only have 50 or 40 days to be ready. I learned early in my career that it’s better to be ready for spring than... read more

Guest Post: 4 actions of great leaders

December 16, 2014By and

Leadership starts with vision, passion and will, but what is it that great leaders do from day to day to be effective? 1. Communicate. Communication is hard. Learn to do it well. Great leaders communicate the why, the how and the what. Leaders have the privilege and prerogative to set the what: the issues, problems and opportunities that matter—and what... read more