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Bioretention opportunities

May 18, 2018By
Bioretention area. Photo: Bluegrass Landscape & Snow Management

New regulations from the local sewer district on adding bioretention areas to make up for lost green space inspired Bluegrass Landscape & Snow Management, based in Bridgeton, Mo., to make the leap into the field. It’s been a big investment of both time and money to get into bioretention—but it’s been paying off. Chris Darnell, business development and marketing manager... read more

Water ways

September 1, 2013By

Aquatic maintenance services are a must for some of Terracare’s commercial clients. For Terracare Associates, landscape contractors based in Littleton, Colo., one way to distinguish its business is to expand the services it offers to its primarily commercial clients. One service it offers is aquatic maintenance. Terracare, which had $25.5 million in annual revenue in 2012, uses several methods to... read more

If you build it

August 2, 2013By

Carpentry projects have led one New Jersey company to launch a new division. Doing the occasional pergola or deck project for some of his landscape clients led Simon Darlington, owner of Darlington Designs in Glassboro, N.J., to launch an entire carpentry division for his landscape company. Though he knows it’s a bit of an unusual service for a landscape company... read more

Add-On Biz: On new turf

September 16, 2012By

When a client asked Four Seasons Landscaping & Nursery for an artificial turf putting green, it led to a new division for the Damascus, Md.-based company. The company’s always focused on design/build (with no maintenance division). Adding an artificial turf service fit well with that niche. Today, the company installs artificial putting greens but also artificial grass for a variety... read more

Add-On Biz: Special order

August 15, 2012By

On Chicago’s North Shore, creeping bentgrass is a common infestation that’s difficult to control. Because creeping bentgrass is thick, matty and chokes out other grasses, it’s a nuisance that many customers feel spoils an otherwise beautiful lawn. It’s also prone to disease. For customers with bentgrass- or nimblewill-infested lawns, Chalet in Chicago’s northern suburbs is turning the problem into an... read more

Add on Biz: Living off the land

June 10, 2012By

As the idea of homegrown fruits, vegetables, and herbs gains increasing interest in American homes, a service offering of “edible landscaping” is beginning to crop up among residential landscapers. It can be a wonderful add-on service that clients appreciate. For Shannon Hathaway, president of Green Heron Landscaping Inc., in Cary, NC, edible landscaping is not a new concept in any... read more