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TAG: advertising

Trugreen taps IBM Watson for personalized lawn care ads

March 7, 2018By

To help consumers develop lawn care plans that are specific to their lawns’ needs, TruGreen is tapping IBM Watson Advertising to create interactive, personalized digital advertising. TruGreen’s Watson ad is available on The Weather Channel app, and across HGTV properties. Consumers can discover their personalized lawn plan recommendation by simply starting a conversation in TruGreen’s artificial intelligence-powered ad, using... read more

Marketing/tech: Social media advertising

December 30, 2014By

Social media for business is an enigma. One of the questions I most often get asked is: “I’m a small business with a limited number of followers/fans. It doesn’t do me any good to get involved with social media because no one is listening.” While I agree with part of that statement, it doesn’t mean you can’t change your approach... read more

Direct mail’s secret sauce

November 1, 2014By

Many landscape professionals have a certain attitude about good old-fashioned direct mail marketing: “I tried it once before and it didn’t work.” The keyword here is once. Do-it-yourself business owners tend to look at marketing as a one-shot exercise. Send out 5,000 direct mail pieces one time, and get 500 new clients, right? Well, I wish it were that easy,... read more

Direct mail content and design tips

September 17, 2014By

The landscaping industry now is on track to hit its largest volume ever, roughly $70 billion, after years of demand being affected by the recession and harsh winter weather, according to IBISWorld. The report also has a favorable outlook through 2019, and expects the construction sector to experience a rapid recovery over the next five years. It’s important to remember... read more

High Performance: 10 more creative ideas for recruiting

July 28, 2014By

As mentioned in my last post, the workforce participation rate is lower today than it has ever been in my lifetime. It has never been more necessary to put aside outdated hiring procedures. It is time to get creative. I sat down recently and came up with 20 creative ideas for recruiting. In this blog post, I’m going to share... read more

High Performance: 10 creative ideas for recruiting

July 11, 2014By

The workforce participation rate is lower today than it has ever been in my lifetime. More people every day are choosing not to work for a variety of reasons, and it’s reducing the pool of potential employees. For those who are interested in working, there are plenty of jobs. In fact, there is actually fierce competition for workers, especially for... read more