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Ryan announces second annual National Aerate your Lawn Day

August 13, 2018By

Ryan, a manufacturer of turf renovation equipment, set its second annual National Aerate your Lawn Day for Sept. 15. The day, which falls on the third Saturday in September, gives lawn care professionals an opportunity to educate customers about adding aeration services to their lawn care plans. Ryan’s goal is for landscapers to take advantage of the entire aeration season, which... read more

SafetyWatch: Aerator property hazards

March 15, 2017By

Avoid running an aerator with the tines down over hard surfaces or any surface you don’t want to aerate. It may damage the tines, and it may damage the ground surface. The tines may penetrate anything on or beneath the surface, including irrigation heads and lines. Be mindful: Most irrigation heads are at the edges of lawns and gardens. Keep... read more