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Billy Goat: Reciprocating aerators

April 7, 2016By

Billy Goat’s reciprocating aerators include the PLUGR 18”, the PLUGR 25” mechanical or hydro-drive models, or the 30” Hydro. Reciprocating aerators have advantages over drum aerators in that they allow for in-ground turning that reduces contractor fatigue; have fewer tines for easy service; and variable aeration density that produces 2-10 times more holes per pass—ideal for patch and repair work—plus... read more

Aerators: Which do you prefer and why?

October 16, 2015By
New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte operates a Turfco TurnAer XT5 at the NALP Renewal & Remembrance volunteer service day at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, D.C., in July.

Aaron Pope Owner, Aaron’s Lawn Care Virginia Beach, Va. “I choose the Plugr PL800 because you don’t have the huge engage and disengage lever that wears you out. It works like pistons instead of the normal rolling barrel with plugs. I can turn around on a dime with no engaging and disengaging. The engine starts up with no trouble and... read more

Classen PowerSteer Aerators

October 8, 2015By

The only aerators with power steering, Classen PowerSteer Aerators take the backbreaking work out of turf aeration. Patented split-drive technology allows the engine to power the tines independently during aeration for fatigue-free steering and unmatched user comfort and productivity. PowerSteer aerators are easy to steer. Simple dual lever controls power the tines. Pull both levers back to go straight or... read more

Billy Goat launches demo campaign for reciprocating aerator lineup

April 21, 2015By

Billy Goat Industries launched a demo campaign for contractors and landscapers to test out its reciprocating aerator lineup. According to the company, the reciprocating aerators allow in-ground turning that reduces operator fatigue, fewer tines and variable aeration density. Billy Goat’s cam-driven reciprocating PLUGR commercial aerators include the PL2500H 25-in. mechanical drive model and the PL2500SPH 25-in. hydro-drive self-propelled model. The... read more

Billy Goat acquires Plugr aerators

October 1, 2014By

Billy Goat Industries acquired the Plugr brand of aerators, adding to its recently introduced 30-in. hydro aerator. The company’s 2015 line of aerators now includes a 19-in. walk-behind drum aerator, 48-in. and 74-in. tow-behind drum aerators, 18-in. and 25-in. mechanical reciprocating aerators, and a 30-in. hydrostatic reciprocating aerator. Billy Goat also acquired the 36-, 48-, and 60-in. tow-behind drum aerators... read more

L.T. Rich Products

June 18, 2011By

Product focus: L.T. Rich Products is a manufacturer of stand-on fertilizer/spray systems, aerators and turf renovators for the commercial lawn care industry. All units are zero-turn and feature a pump/wheel motor transmission. We use only state-of-the-art laser-cutting equipment and CNC fabrication machinery. Sprayers feature all stainless steel construction with large fertilizer and liquid spraying capacity. Sizes range from 100 to... read more