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Albaugh Specialty Products: Sublime Herbicide

November 7, 2023By
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Sublime™ is the only product on the market powered by the combination of triclopyr, dicamba, and mesotrione. This patent-pending, innovative, non-phenoxy formulation reliably delivers a much wider spectrum of selective, postemergence and residual control, particularly on many of the most challenging broadleaf and grass weeds in turfgrass. In addition to an unprecedented level of performance, the unique blend of active... read more

Albaugh Specialty Products

October 30, 2023By

We are excited to announce our new name. To establish consistent name recognition across all markets, Prime Source was renamed Albaugh Specialty Products. We’ll continue to deliver the same exceptional products and service you’ve come to trust. The only thing that has changed is our name. Learn more. read more

Albaugh Specialty Products adds new Poa annua, grass and broadleaf weed solution

September 14, 2023By
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Ethofumesate 4SC Select targets Poa and broadleaf weeds and grasses such as crabgrass, chickweed, purslane and more. read more

Prime Source, a division of Albaugh, LLC. The Triad Family

August 1, 2023By

For wall-to-wall post-emergent control of tough weeds, grasses and sedges, get the “Triadvantage.” Now with 5 proven formulations: Triad Select, Triad SFZ Select, Triad QC Select, Triad TZ Select, and newest member Triad T Select! These five unique formulations give you the distinct advantage of full-season control in cool and warm season turf. Learn more. read more

Taking Quinclorac performance to the next level

May 1, 2023By

Quintessential with H-Value Technology improves plant absorption and offers performance in conditions that limit absorption – like untimely rains or irrigation – and improved crabgrass control, particularly in the challenging 3-5 tiller stage. read more

Albaugh purchases glyphosate business from Corteva Agriscience

March 13, 2023By

With Albaugh's purchase of Corteva's glyphosate business comes trade names, registrations, formulations, patents and more. read more