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What attachment is essential to your business and why?

December 7, 2015By

Alex Fransen President, Fransen Group Louisville, Ky. “Augers are huge for us because of the amount of trees and plant material we install. Excavators are great for our hardscape guys because they can dig out for a new patio or retaining wall. Snow pusher boxes are great for effectively and efficiently clearing parking lots of snow. I hate making a... read more

‘PLANET Gives Back’ to Louisville, Home of the Innocents

October 24, 2013By

As part of the third annual PLANET Gives Back, held Wednesday in line with the Green Industry Conference (GIC), nearly 75 volunteers revived the grounds at Home of the Innocents, a nonprofit shelter and pediatric convalescent center in Louisville, Ky. Tasked with laying new mulch on a playground, planting around 25 trees, restoring a butterfly garden, planting cold crops in... read more