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TAG: Andy Smith

Moving to a surgical approach to landscape irrigation

December 6, 2010By

By: Andy Smith, CIC, CID, CLIA It wasn’t that long ago when the terms LEED, WaterSense and Sustainable Sites weren’t in the vocabulary of the landscape industry. Now they are (and may become) the driving forces of “green” construction and landscaping. It wasn’t that long ago, of course, that green implied a color choice and happened to reflect the hue of... read more

Breaking down the barriers to efficient irrigation

September 2, 2010By

By: Andy Smith, CIC, CID, CLIA Regardless of anyone’s belief, the same amount of water exists in earth’s atmosphere as did at the time of the planet’s creation.  As growth and development occur and populations expand, we are faced with the dilemma of making sure there is enough water available to fulfill the needs of drinking, cooking, crops and sanitation. Our... read more

Oil & water

July 1, 2010By

While having a discussion about water, Andy Smith is, ironically, pumping gas. The external affairs director of the Irrigation Association is driving 250 miles to a meeting. And while, traditionally, oil and water don’t mix, these two diminishing resources — or, rather, their better management — are merged in Smith’s mind. One is observed daily, and then compared, analyzed and... read more