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Landscape contractor publishes ebook

May 7, 2019By

Rick Wilmath, a landscape contractor, released an ebook titled "Bloomjam," to show landscapers how to create colorful designs using flowering annuals. read more

Letter to the Editor: A better way to install annuals

April 11, 2016By

I just was reading the recent LM (March 2016) and saw the article on “How to quickly install annuals.” Having been involved with flower installation for over 30 years and over 23 years with Brickman (now BrightView), other than clearing the old mulch off the bed, the rest is a process that I have never seen done, would be extremely... read more

Step by Step: How to quickly install annuals

March 25, 2016By
Cartwright Landscaping; University of Illinois Extension

Spring is approaching, which means it’s time to spruce up clients’ properties with colorful annuals. But instead of having your crews spend hours hunched over miles of empty beds, use this method from Cartwright Landscaping, a full-service design, installation and maintenance company in Richmond, Va., to install annuals quickly and efficiently using only the plastic cells they’re purchased in. Begin... read more

Step by Step: How to create an annual bed design

March 12, 2015By

Annual plant beds can add color and appeal to clients’ homes and become a new source of revenue for primarily maintenance businesses. But, there’s more to creating an eye-catching bed design than just installing plants. You’ll need to understand the space’s size, light requirements, existing structures/plants and drainage. Also, talk with clients about their color, style and plant preferences. -Next,... read more

Download: How to create an annual bed design

March 12, 2015By

Featured is a PDF version of the March 2015 Step by Step on “How to create an annual bed design” for use in company training efforts. Click here to download. read more

NGB tags 2015 ‘Year of the’ Coleus, Gaillardia

August 1, 2014By

The National Garden Bureau (NGB) unveiled the annuals and perennials that will be featured in the 2015 “Year of the” program. 2015 will be the Year of the Coleus for annuals, and for perennials it will be the Year of the Gaillardia. The NGB board of directors selects plants that are easy to grow and genetically diverse with a lot of new... read more