Specifix launches new AR app

November 20, 2017By

Specifix launched its new augmented reality (AR) app for flooring and pavers. “We are excited to make this technology available to the paver industry,” said Jerry Freeman, president of Specifix. “We believe that this will simplify the way products are promoted, sold and purchased and elevate each experience.” The AR app uses Specifix technology to overlay the actual product onto... read more

A/R: The keys to the kingdom

May 8, 2015By

Cash is king, and healthy accounts receivable (A/R) makes for a sustainable kingdom that promotes an environment of profitability and growth. A business that doesn’t have control of its A/R usually will have poor cash flow and trouble meeting its expenses in a timely fashion. It’s often also a sign there are other financial issues that will hamper growth and... read more