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Studies support suitability of synthetic turf for soccer pitches

July 7, 2010By

As the U.S. soccer team prepares for its June 12 match with England in the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa, it’s timely to spotlight two studies that underlie the decision by FIFA, the international governing body of international football or soccer, to promote synthetic turf, or ‘football turf’ as it calls third-generation infilled synthetic turf sports fields, as a... read more

Artificial turf makes modest inroad into World Cup soccer

July 6, 2010By

The global sports delirium that unfolds for one month every four years begins Friday, June 11. The 2010 FIFA World Cup begins in South Africa and will be followed via television and radio by billions around the world. This is the first time an African nation is hosting the tournament, which involves teams from 32 nations. And again like 18 previous... read more

A look back at the STC’s 6th year

December 8, 2009By

By: Rick Doyle, Synthetic Turf Council On Oct. 1, the Synthetic Turf Council celebrated its sixth birthday and closed the books on another memorable and productive year, despite the many challenges created by the recession. One of the STC’s primary missions is to promote the benefits of synthetic turf, as well as its human health and environmental safety as validated by... read more

Green, Green Grass of Home–But Where’s Home?

November 10, 2009By

By: Jim Novak, Turfgrass Producers International Although this photo of a soldier using scissors to trim grass on a tiny plot of turf at what appears to be some remote location has been circulating on the internet for several years; who and where the soldier is has been a mystery. The soldier has been identified on various web sites as an... read more

Soccer beginning to embrace synthetic turf

November 10, 2009By

HOLLAND, MI — The setting seemed incongruous. Here was Dr. James “Jim” Beard, who has spent more than a half century researching turfgrass and educating the world Dr. Jim Beard at Hope College’s new Van Andel Stadium (image courtesy of MiSTMA) about its care, speaking to a group of about 90 sports turf and grounds pros in front of one... read more

Become a keen observer and record your management successes and failures

November 9, 2009By

By: Ron Hall   HOLLAND, MI — If you want to know what’s going on with your turfgrass sports field, start poking around underground and examining plant roots and the soil they’re growing in. “In managing turfgrass, your only goal is perfection,” said Beard. “The closer you get to perfection, the more obvious your imperfections,” If you want to improve your... read more