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Aspire Software’s Ignite conference demonstrates value of peer networking

August 3, 2021By
Attendees as Aspire Software's Ignite user's conference gather in Columbus, Ohio (Photo: LM Staff)

Aspire Software Ignite users conference gathers landscapers to discuss how to improve profitability, productivity. read more

Are you misclassifying independent contractors?

May 16, 2019By
IRS (Photo:

How do you determine if a worker is an employee or an independent contractor? H The IRS is cracking down on employee misclassification. read more

When the IRS comes knocking for a tax audit

August 23, 2018By

Nothing strikes an emotional chord with small business owners like the prospect of a tax audit. If you practice accurate bookkeeping and obey the tax laws, there’s little to worry about. It’s a matter of proving your company is in compliance. While the audit process may be intrusive, it’s within the IRS’s right to audit your tax returns. When it... read more

Step by Step: How to do an irrigation audit

June 16, 2015By
Illustrations: David Preiss

An irrigation audit is a good opportunity to ensure clients’ irrigation systems are working properly. Use the findings to create or tweak irrigation schedules for efficiency. -Before testing the system, check that it is in proper working order and complies with local codes. Identify and correct any defects. -While doing the audit, monitor the wind speed, and record it every... read more

Download: How to do an irrigation audit

June 11, 2015By

Featured is a PDF version of the June 2015 Step by Step on “How to do an irrigation audit” for use in company training efforts. Click here to download. read more

What if I get audited?

October 11, 2013By

All land care professionals need to maintain accurate financial records. The most obvious reasons for doing so is to assess the results of operations against past periods, analyze current budgets or to formulate future projections. Moreover, for ownership and management, this is an internal need to monitor and improve the business. Yet there’s an external partner in your business needing... read more