Keysoft to host landscape design webinar series

February 7, 2017By

Keysoft Landscape, part of Keysoft Solutions, which provides AutoCAD-based software KeyScape LandCadd, introduced a monthly webinar program designed to provide insights on technological issues facing landscape architects. In addition to, the program will discuss the ways to maximize productivity, improve accuracy and increase creativity while using AutoCAD, the company said. The series will be lead by Nate Qualls, landscape architect and product support... read more

Notable software programs for green industry businesses

November 15, 2014By

As part of the November 2014 cover story “Cracking the code,” LM compiled a list of notable software programs for green industry business, presented in the table below. The original version of this table, which ran in print, comprised 46 programs. (Download a PDF here.) This online version lists more programs, per reader input and additional reporting. Know of a software we missed? Leave... read more

Design debate

July 10, 2013By

Does software save time or muddy the irrigation design process? Designing an irrigation system can be a time-consuming process that becomes increasingly complicated when errors occur. Many irrigation contractors use design software to hasten the process and improve accuracy. Experiences using computerized design often vary. Some users report major efficiency increases, while other designers prefer the intimate knowledge they gain... read more

Ep. 5: Give your clients a real 3D experience

December 19, 2012By

As all of us know, it is oftentimes difficult for homeowners to understand two dimensional landscape plans. That’s where John Porco, Founder and CEO of VisionScape, comes in. VisionScape allows designers and contractors to show their clients a drawing that allows them to not only look at, but walk though, their landscape before it is ever built. Porco discusses how... read more