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May Web Extra: 5 ways to improve your corporate impact

May 21, 2013By

Even companies that aren’t ready to make the full leap to being a Certified B Corporation have some options for incrementally improving their corporate social responsibility programs. The nonprofit B Lab, which administers the Certified B Corporation certifications, offers a few easy steps to get started: 1. Get a current benchmark and create an action plan. Take the B Impact... read more

B the change

May 20, 2013By
B the Change

Companies seek B Corporation status to emphasize stewardship of the community, environment and their employees. “We must be the change we wish to see in the world.” –Gandhi Call it what you will: “Corporate social responsibility.” “The triple bottom line.” “Conscious capitalism.” Whatever your terminology, the movement of for-profit enterprises toward considering their impact on employees, the community and the... read more