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6 tips for organizing your finances

August 13, 2015By
Charts. Photo illustration: Kujansuu

As a busy owner or manager of a landscape or lawn care firm, you have to juggle many functions. Unless you have someone on staff who has the skills to manage the finance and accounting piece, this function may be a source of frustration. The key is to stay organized. The following are six important things you can do to... read more

5 ways to improve your cash flow

February 17, 2015By
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They say “cash is king,” and the reasons why are many. To name a few: Lack of cash can damage relationships essential to business success. Consider the repercussions when you can’t pay vendors or make payroll. Cash flow is a key factor in determining business value. Considering selling any time soon? Your cash level counts. Finally, a profitable company that’s... read more

Your balance sheet can make or break you

May 18, 2012By

News flash: Spring arrived about 45 days early this year. While this means opportunity and potential business for some companies, others will experience a substantial shortfall in profit and a tightening of cash flow. What happened to all the snow? Cutting warm-season grass in March? Yikes! Steady the ship and get your arms around your balance sheet. Start with these:... read more

The 6 pillars of a strong foundation in the landscape business

March 11, 2012By

It’s no small undertaking to create a lasting organization. Companies that withstand tumultuous times, survive changing conditions and continue to grow and have one thing in common — a strong foundation. To endure requires a foundation of six absolutes. Once in place, you have a core you can protect, a base for success and the power to bind your organization... read more

Pythagoras, where art thou?

January 1, 2012By

From the dawn of ages, many have tackled the complex operation of keeping score. Whether using primitive techniques to quantify time or applying complex economics to manage large capital assets, a wide range of monetary problems requires solutions grounded in understanding how the numbers work. I’ve often been called a numbers guy. By looking at key ratios, I can instinctively... read more