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Plant growth regulators: Which do you use and why?

October 22, 2014By

Eric Stewart Owner of Eric Stewart Enterprises in Bexley, Ohio “I’ve used Embark to slow growth around tombstones at a 42-acre cemetery. It would allow us to skip trimming for about three or four weeks in peak growing season. I also recommend adding a pre- and postemergent weed control, as the weeds will continue to thrive.” Steve Crowe Founder/owner of... read more

LandOpt adds Dallas landscape contractor

October 15, 2013By

Dallas-based JBa Land Management joined the LandOpt contractor network, acquiring exclusive LandOpt license rights in the northern Dallas market space. Founded in 1992 by John Battle, JBa primarily services commercial accounts (municipal and industrial) as a full-service grounds maintenance provider. “I saw LandOpt as a means of helping us reach our personal and company goals, and put us in a category of relevance when it... read more

The bad and not so bad of hiring today

October 1, 2010By

While applicants abound, contractors learn to hire smarter, control costs and build their management teams.   In Landscape Management’s survey results and contractor interviews, there is one thing that was fairly unanimous: No one is having a problem with hiring today. But that also depends how you define “problem.” While contractors are receiving an unprecedented amount of applications for open... read more

Spend smart

October 1, 2010By

Landscapers avoid frivolous spending and focus on efficiency and vendor relations.   When it came to keeping crews outfitted with the right equipment to get the job done in 2010, landscapers on average maintained last year’s spending. The National Federation of Independent Business calls it being in “maintenance mode,” replacing vehicles or equipment only as needed. To carry this out,... read more

Surviving the ‘Undercutters’

October 1, 2010By

Contractors fight lowballers in a battle for core business.   What’s the biggest obstacle to growth today for the average landscape contractor? Certainly, the prolonged recession comes to mind for most contractors, as that tops Landscape Management readers’ list of top success blockers. But a mere fraction of a percentage point behind sits lowball/underpricing competitors. Giuseppe Baldi calls them “the undercutters.”... read more

The consumer recovery

October 1, 2010By

Consumers will spend again… but not excessively.   Some people described it as gluttony. Others called it obnoxious. It was consumers’ “I have to have it” mentality. Anything was attainable to people who wanted it. If they didn’t have the money, they borrowed it. Today, that has clearly changed. Contractors now use words like “cautious,” “careful” and “conservative” to describe... read more