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TAG: Barry Truan

SnowEx spotlights liquid deicers with new initiative

August 28, 2014By

  SnowEx rolled out a liquid solutions initiative: SnowEx Liquid Solutions. The program is designed to help customers implement liquid pre-wetting, anti-icing and deicing strategies through a series of equipment, materials and training educational materials. “With the high volatility in salt supply and prices, liquids have become a critical tool in the snow and ice management toolbox,” said Barry Truan, VP of marketing... read more

Snow tech, down cold

August 1, 2010By

To a snow and ice management contractor, a truck is like a second home. Fifteen-hour workdays aren’t uncommon, so having a comfortable, reliable vehicle is crucial. And, let’s face it, equipment that allows the operator to spend a bulk of time inside the warm cab — and not out in the cold — is extremely valuable. Just as trucks have... read more