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Stihl unveils new battery-powered professional trimmer

January 10, 2017By

Stihl expanded its Battery KombiSystem lineup with the addition of the FSA 90 R trimmer. The cordless trimmer is quiet but powerful, Stihl said, and designed for professionals working in noise-sensitive or emission-sensitive areas like school grounds, business districts or hospitals. The battery-powered system also eliminates the need for gasoline and two-cycle oil. “This trimmer makes life much easier for professional landscapers,” said... read more


February 10, 2014By

The new STIHL AR 900  powers all handheld products in the innovative STIHL Battery KombiSystem and delivers up to 11 hours of run time, which increases the size of jobs that can be tackled with maximum efficiency. The product generates up to ten times more power than other STIHL batteries, all with zero-exhaust emissions and no gasoline expense.  See the... read more