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Bayer’s Tetrino insecticide now registered for use in California

August 30, 2022By

Bayer's control for white grubs, bluegrass billbugs, fall armyworm and other pests is now available for LCOs in The Golden State. read more

Bayer Environmental Sciences debuts new name as part of sale to Cinven

August 16, 2022By

Bayer’s Environmental Science Professional business is set to become a standalone company named Envu upon a successful sale close with Cinven. read more

How you can get a leg up on brown and large patch

June 8, 2022By
Experts suggest two fungicide applications in the fall, four weeks apart, to treat large patch. (Photo: FMC)

Despite sharing some commonalities, brown and large patch develop on different turfgrasses and require different treatment. read more

Gilles Galliou, CEO, Environmental Science discusses future following Cinven purchase

March 16, 2022By
Screencap: LM Staff

Gilles Galliou, CEO, Environmental Science discusses what the sale to Cinven means for the company and what upcoming changes clients can expect. read more

Bayer sells Environmental Science Professional business for $2.6B

March 10, 2022By

The company’s Environmental Science Professional business, including its turf and ornamental solutions, sold to international private equity firm Cinven. read more

Bayer wins Roundup trial in California

October 12, 2021By

Bayer has won its first jury trial, defending Roundup active ingredient glyphosate from claims that it can cause health problems. read more