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What you should know about white grubs

February 20, 2019By

Aside from knowing that white grubs wreak havoc on lawns, there’s a lot to learn about these little larvae. read more

Control tips for fire ants

February 20, 2019By

Use these tips to better control fire ants. read more

Bayer opens new Environmental Science headquarters

January 11, 2019By

The Environmental Science business unit of Bayer’s Crop Science division opened its new U.S. headquarters in Cary, N.C. “Environmental Science has had a steady growth through the years. We continue to work collaboratively with our customers to deliver innovative and inspiring solutions that foster healthy environments where we all live, work and play,” said Mark Schneid, head of Environmental Science for Bayer, North America.... read more

Bayer Fall Solutions

November 14, 2018By

With the 2018 Fall Solutions program, lawn and landscape professionals can expect big savings on industry-leading Bayer solutions. Offering both standalone products and an agronomic package, the customizable early order program provides flexible options to help maximize savings per acre. Open now through Dec. 7, 2018, Bayer Fall Solutions helps LCOs prepare for a winning season. For more information, visit... read more

Bayer survey finds lack of qualified employees is industry’s biggest challenge

October 29, 2018By

Nearly every lawn care company is struggling with a lack of qualified staff in the field, according to a recent survey conducted by Environmental Science, a business unit of Bayer Crop Science. For example, the survey found that four in 10 respondents say a “shallow bench” or not enough team members is the biggest challenge. Forty-two percent of respondents ranked... read more

Bayer: Altus Insecticide

September 27, 2018By

Altus offers flexibility by controlling sucking pests before, during and after bloom, and is compatible with honey bees, bumble bees and many other beneficials. Flupyradifurone, the active ingredient in Altus, is the first insecticide with a butenolide chemical structure. Altus provides a novel chemistry that delivers systemic, broad-spectrum control of major sucking pests, like aphids and whiteflies, at any stage... read more