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A look at the many uses of UTVs

September 5, 2017By
Photo: Polaris

How UTVs and attachments are changing the job site. Ready for work or play, utility vehicles (UTVs) are gaining traction as landscapers find more applications for them on the job site. These machines are now starting to fill voids in some landscapers’ fleets—and not just on the commercial side. Helping to make them an attractive, versatile option is a long... read more

UTVs: Versatility + Durability

August 26, 2016By

Three different views on using utility vehicles in the landscape industry. Utility task vehicles, or UTVs, can serve many functions for landscape professionals. In fact, their versatility—particularly with the use of attachments—is often listed by landscapers as their favorite attribute of these heavy-duty vehicles. We spoke with three companies that are using UTVs in three different ways to find out... read more