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Growing Your Business with Jeffrey Scott: Make tough decisions in your business

October 14, 2020By

If business were easy, everyone would own their own. It takes understanding and confronting the tough decisions, in order to keep business operations and growth on track, and not going off track culturally speaking. Watch this video to build your confidence to make more tough decisions.   read more

Profit Power: Make your landscape business the ‘ultimate productivity machine’

August 24, 2017By

  Growing up as a typical teenager with curiosity and a streak of independence, I bought my first car the minute I got my driver’s license (actually, a week before). It was a used BMW 1600 that cost me $300. I tinkered and toiled on that car, keeping it running summer and winter—it was my pride and joy. My 1600... read more

How to find talent + hire smoothly

May 11, 2017By and
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Prepared managers don’t rely on luck to find great prospects; they use existing employees and a cohesive hiring process. Like ideal clients, new qualified employees don’t just walk in your front door. So how do you find them? You have to market yourself as a valued employer and your company as a great place for employees to spend their careers... read more