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1-Minute Mentor: Harold Enger, LIC

August 1, 2013By

Meet Harold Enger, LIC, director of education, Spring-Green, Plainfield, Ill. Who’s your mentor? There are three. One is Bob Parmley, who was co-owner of the first lawn care company I worked at, Tempo 21. He was very even-tempered, very thorough and thought-provoking. I was in my 20s and full of vim and vigor. He taught me you have to step... read more

The hidden value of customer satisfaction

October 1, 2010By

How important is customer satisfaction? Not an easy question to answer. We all have opinions. Few of us have real, experience-based answers. How important is building profits and ensuring a greater return over time? To accomplish it, would you consider creating what can be a cultural paradigm shift in your company? Is an investment in re-tooling — or at the... read more

Carrots and sticks: Employee performance

February 1, 2010By

Industry insiders say its ‘grow or go’ time for slouches and grouches — employees who under perform or have bad attitudes. They called him “toothless Frank.” He didn’t smile much — for obvious reasons. He was a perennial under performer with a national lawn care company. He didn’t seem to care what management wanted him to do. But one day,... read more

Meeting customer expectations is ultimate key to success

December 16, 2009By

By: Bill Hoopes It’s certainly been a challenging year. In the home services end of the Green Industry, smart, positive operators have worked diligently to accomplish two things: first, to sell more of our services and, second, maximize customer retention. Impossible, you say? With the economy dictating a drop-off in discretionary spending and TV networks repeating the now worn-out mantra “people... read more

What customers demand … and deserve

October 29, 2009By

By: Bill Hoopes As another production season winds down, managers, supervisors and front line workers head for trade shows, attend re-certification seminars and prepare to chill out! But hold on: Someone is missing from our list. Someone or some group of team members who, in addition to those above, are vital to the success of your Green Industry business. I’ve left... read more

Effective delegation can save the day

August 18, 2009By

By: Bill Hoopes How do you organize and assign tasks and responsibilities? Are you coaching a team of co-operative players with developing skills, or are you bossing a group of robots? In our economy, we all agree that getting maximum productivity is important to your bottom line. But making that happen is something that, as a long-time industry trainer, I rarely... read more