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Billy Goat Industries: Billy Goat Stand-on Hurricane Blower

March 14, 2019By

Billy Goat® broadens its world-class Force™ pedestrian blower line with the new addition of the Hurricane™ X3000 and Z3000 zero-turn radius stand-on blowers for the largest line of blowers on the market from 6 gross hp to 35 gross hp. Ideal for full-size landscapers, schools, parks departments golf, sport field, estate properties and street departments, the Hurricane blower takes commercial... read more

Top tips for selling aeration

January 28, 2019By
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Offering turf aeration services can be daunting for a lawn care operator (LCO) because customers often don’t understand how aerating can benefit their lawns. LCOs may opt out of offering aeration because they have limited manpower or a competing lawn care company offers cheaper services, says Rich Clark, account manager for Billy Goat Industries. Aeration can be a lucrative add-on,... read more

Briggs & Stratton acquires Billy Goat Industries

May 20, 2015By

Briggs & Stratton Corp. acquired Billy Goat Industries, a Missouri-based manufacturer of specialty turf equipment. Its products include aerators, sod cutters, overseeders, power rakes, brush cutters, walk behind blowers, lawn vacuums and debris loaders. “Billy Goat Industries helps us to further our strategic initiative of focusing on higher margin commercial products,” said Todd Teske, chairman, president and CEO of Briggs... read more

Billy Goat launches demo campaign for reciprocating aerator lineup

April 21, 2015By

Billy Goat Industries launched a demo campaign for contractors and landscapers to test out its reciprocating aerator lineup. According to the company, the reciprocating aerators allow in-ground turning that reduces operator fatigue, fewer tines and variable aeration density. Billy Goat’s cam-driven reciprocating PLUGR commercial aerators include the PL2500H 25-in. mechanical drive model and the PL2500SPH 25-in. hydro-drive self-propelled model. The... read more

Project EverGreen names 2015 officers, board of directors

December 21, 2014By

Project EverGreen selected its officers and board of directors for 2015. Officers include: President Bill Vogel, Spring Valley; President-Elect Dave Ravel, Syngenta Crop Protection; Secretary/Treasurer Mike Dauer, Real Green Systems; and Immediate Past President Mike Sisti, Weed Man USA. Serving on the board of directors are: Linda Beattie, Schiller GroundS Care; Dan Carrothers, Weed Man USA; Sean Casey, Nufarm Americas;... read more

Billy Goat acquires Plugr aerators

October 1, 2014By

Billy Goat Industries acquired the Plugr brand of aerators, adding to its recently introduced 30-in. hydro aerator. The company’s 2015 line of aerators now includes a 19-in. walk-behind drum aerator, 48-in. and 74-in. tow-behind drum aerators, 18-in. and 25-in. mechanical reciprocating aerators, and a 30-in. hydrostatic reciprocating aerator. Billy Goat also acquired the 36-, 48-, and 60-in. tow-behind drum aerators... read more