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Web Extra: SafetyWatch in Spanish: Safety sharpen blades

October 19, 2018By

The following is a Spanish version of SafetyWatch from the October 2018 issue of Landscape Management. It discusses blade sharpening safety. Find the original SafetyWatch in English here or see page 16 of the magazine. Afilar las cuchillas seguramente Hay ciertas cosas que debe recordar cuando esté afilando la cuchilla de sus herramientas. Asegúrese que los seguros del molinillo estén... read more

SafetyWatch: Safely sharpen blades

October 16, 2018By

There are a few things to keep in mind when sharpening blades. Make sure the grinder’s guards are properly in place and the tool rest is about one-eighth of an inch from the stone and sitting at a 90-degree angle from the stones as they turn. The blade needs to fit, but if the gap is too wide, the turning... read more

Fisher Barton intros LaserEdge blade

October 26, 2016By

Fisher Barton Blades launched a new line of self-sharpening lawn mower blades. The LaserEdge features Fisher Barton’s EverSharp technology, which allows the hardened steel blade to sharpens itself while in use. “Fisher Barton has consistently been focused on bringing innovative solutions to our customers and this is the most significant innovation to lawnmower blades since Fisher Barton’s introduction of Marbain,”... read more

Efco rolls out PowerSharp promotion

January 7, 2015By

Efco launched a new promotion in 2015. Under the PowerSharp promotion, with every purchase of an Efco MT 3500, MT 3750 and MT 4100 consumers receive the free PowerSharp system, comprising a chain, bar and sharpener. With the PowerSharp system, users attach the sharpener and press the tip to a solid surface for 3 to 5 seconds instead of manually... read more

John Deere offers mower prep tips for spring

March 3, 2014By

With the spring mowing season around the corner, John Deere fashioned some mower maintenance tips for landscape contractors to prepare their equipment. They are as follows. 1. Quick tune-up. Tighten nuts and bolts, replace filters, check for belt fraying and replace as needed. Check the safety shields and guards. Look for missing parts and plugs and replace them. 2. Tires.... read more