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Government Affairs: Stay up to date on immigration law

July 1, 2019By

President Trump has made immigration enforcement the centerpiece of his administration. This enforcement thrust has increased the pressure on the landscape contracting industry to be vigilant in following federal rules regarding employee work authorization documentation. The landscape contracting industry has one of the highest proportions of unauthorized foreign workers in its workforce at 21 percent in 2014, according to the... read more

Tip sheets

September 24, 2018By

LANDSCAPES 2018 Attendee Tip Sheets | PDF Downloads   Social Media: Beyond the Basics Making Your Post POP! Multimedia + SEO for Boosting Engagement                     For more information, contact Bethany Chambers at bchambers@northcoastmedia.net.   read more

Leading: 3 things a leader can adjust to keep the business on course

September 25, 2017By

I’ve kept this picture on the corner of my desk for quite a few years. It serves as a daily reminder to me, and to those who come meet with me, that it’s necessary for us to continually make adjustments to reach desired goals. The art of sailing teaches that concept in a most tactile way! I suppose that’s one... read more

Profit Power: 7 time management musts

September 18, 2017By

The following seven time management musts will allow you to get an enormous amount accomplished with less effort in any given week. I call these lifesavers because they will save your life from being overtaken by useless distractions and unending work. 1. Check email only at specific times of the day. As a leader, you only need to check email... read more

Profit Power: A letter to your future self

December 23, 2015By

A final thought for 2015: Statistics show you are far more likely to achieve your goals when they are written down. The challenge with goals is not that you won’t hit them, but that you don’t dream big enough and thus you hit your goals too easily, and you then become stagnant and bored. For this reason I suggest the... read more

High Performance: Finish strong

December 14, 2015By

I’m not a marathon runner, but I’ve run plenty of races. I know the feeling of having nothing left in the gas tank, while still having a ways to go, and with the knowledge that everyone around me will turn on the jets during the final stretch. Running a business is more like a marathon than a sprint. But in... read more