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Profit Power: Goal setting is critical, yet difficult to get right

December 17, 2019By

Most lawn and landscape entrepreneurs enjoy setting personal goals. But many have a harder time setting their company’s strategic goals and helping their team set their professional goals. There’s a gap. Why does this happen? Because goal setting is easy when you are naturally driven, and the only person being pushed to perform is you. But that’s not an easily... read more

High Performance: Year-end assessment — The 10 big questions

December 11, 2019By

The most successful people take time to assess how things are going and the end of a year is the perfect time for such an assessment. There are 10 big questions to be answered in this year-end assessment. Did you achieve your goals for the year? Some of us are good at developing goals and reviewing these goals periodically, while... read more

Researchers hope new shot will prevent Lyme disease

December 3, 2019By

As an occupation, landscape contracting employees run one of the highest risks for getting Lyme disease. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) identifies landscape workers as being among the 10 highest risk occupations due to their work in and around prime deer tick habitats. Help may be on the Way Recently, scientists from the publicly funded nonprofit... read more

Grow with Grunder: Give thanks to the people your business depends on

November 26, 2019By

If you’re like me, you’re glad to see November roll around every year. For those of us not in the south, our busy season is at last winding down and we finally get to catch our breath. In Ohio, where I live, the weather is usually mild enough to still enjoy some time outdoors. And then there’s Thanksgiving, hands-down the best day... read more

High Performance: Happily left alone

November 13, 2019By

Phil Harwood discusses why sometimes smaller accounts can be beneficial to pursue. They require less hands-on attention, but still contribute to profits. read more

Grow with Grunder: When you lose a key team member

September 25, 2019By

There are few guarantees in business, but at least one thing is for certain: At one time or another you will lose a key team member — whether it’s to another company or industry, to retirement or another life change, or to firing — and how you prepare for this and respond to it can make all the difference.  In... read more