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TruGreen launches new branding campaign

March 18, 2020By

TruGreen launched a new lawn care branding campaign focused on raising awareness about the company’s services with existing and potential customers. The company says the goal of the new campaign is to show how TruGreen’s science-based expertise and local experience help customers achieve a lawn that makes them proud. The campaign highlights the tagline: “When you see a great lawn, it’s... read more

Build a 5-star brand

June 18, 2018By

Some companies rely too much on a strong business developer, pay-per-click or social media for their growth. These tactics help you grow, but long-term growth is driven by a powerful brand reputation. Branding starts by aligning marketing and sales, but it’s much more than that. The expectations set by your sales team must be successfully fulfilled by operations. Operations must... read more

Communication Coach: How to perfect your brand story

January 30, 2018By

W. Edwards Deming was an American engineer who was revered in Japan for his contribution to transforming the country into a global manufacturing leader. He said, “If you cannot describe what you do as a process, you don’t know what you are doing.” People believe they know what they’re doing until they’re put to the test. This typically happens at... read more

Profit Power: How to become the ultimate branding machine

September 21, 2016By

The company with the most consistent branding I have ever personally experienced is BMW. The first car I bought (when I was still 15) was a BMW 1600, the precursor to the famous BMW 2002. It was used and cost me $300. It became my automotive project of toil, love, metal, winding roads and speed. It was called “The Ultimate Driving... read more

Koch Agronomic Services implements new brand name

April 29, 2015By

Koch Agronomic Services created a brand name dedicated to serving its customers in the turf and ornamental markets. The new name, Koch Turf & Ornamental, focuses on developing solutions for the golf, lawn care, ornamental and turf markets. “Turf and ornamental is an industry with its own unique set of opportunities and challenges,” said Tim Sturm, vice president of Koch... read more

Systemization Series: Core functions of business—administration

March 19, 2015By

This post is part four of Dan Pestretto’s seven-part systemization series. Read on to part five, “Systemization Series: Core functions of business—management,” here. While operations is where your branding can have a big impact on differentiating your business from your competition, administration processes are more similar from company to company. These processes can be more easily outsourced, and they frequently are in smaller companies.... read more