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Facing challenges in the irrigation industry

May 21, 2018By
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The landscape industry faces its own water challenges, requiring unique solutions that are not always one-size-fits-all. In a recent Irrigation Association (IA) webinar titled “Landscape’s Water Challenges—Solutions from the Experts,” John Farner, IA government and public affairs director, and a panel of irrigation experts discussed some of the industry’s biggest current and future challenges. The panel included Brent Mecham, IA... read more

New podcast series aims to provide expert analysis on water issues

February 1, 2017By

The Irrigation Association (IA) launched a new podcast series, titled “Bringing Water to Life” (BWTL). The BWTL podcast series works to address questions that many have about water, including information about state and federal programs focusing on water. The inaugural episode features a conversation on the water cycle and water use in America. The weekly podcast is hosted by IA... read more

Irrigation Association to host webinar in January

December 26, 2016By

The Irrigation Association will host a webinar, “Pressure Regulation & Check Valves for Landscape Irrigation,” 2–3 p.m. EST on Jan. 27. Brent Mecham, the industry development director for the Irrigation Association, will present the webinar. Mecham is involved with the development of standards and codes that affect irrigation products and practices. Mecham’s presentation will discuss how pressure regulators work, how pressure regulators... read more

The ins and outs of soil moisture sensors

May 27, 2016By
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Irrigation experts discuss the ins and outs of soil moisture sensors. What is a good irrigator trying to accomplish?” asks Brent Mecham. “We all are striving to do the same thing, and that’s use the least amount of water possible while making sure the plants are healthy.” Using soil moisture sensors is one way irrigation professionals can accomplish their goal.... read more

Staying current

May 14, 2015By

Revised irrigation best practices focus on sustainability, technology and communication. The irrigation industry is constantly evolving, whether it’s with the release of new equipment or sustainable practices. To provide updated information for landscape irrigation contractors’ changing needs, the Irrigation Association (IA) and American Society of Irrigation Consultants (ASIC) released a new version of their Landscape Irrigation Best Management Practices (BMPs)... read more

Keeping water on budget

April 14, 2015By
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With water budgets, contractors can demonstrate and document good water stewardship. When it comes to sustainability, few people are under more pressure than irrigation contractors. With droughts drying up entire regions throughout the U.S., municipalities are mandating that property owners significantly reduce their water usage—or even stop irrigating their landscapes altogether. Coming up with those savings often falls on contractors’... read more