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How to approach plant warranties

September 4, 2014By

Landscape professionals share the different approaches they take to plant warranties. After a long day of installing plants, including junipers and barberry shrubs, the gloves come off and it’s closing time. Another job done; another happy customer. Days and weeks fly by until the client calls, upset that several plants are dead. Question asked: Whose fault is it? Are these... read more

Project EverGreen volunteers green up Liberty Island

June 11, 2014By

The Statue of Liberty is famously green, with her oxidized copper patina. But one part of Liberty Island, where the monument sits, was in need of a green up, due to damage caused by Hurricane Sandy in October 2012. On June 10 more than 30 volunteers coordinated by Project EverGreen, a national non-profit organization that revitalizes green spaces, partook in... read more