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Vanguard’s BIG BLOCK engine equipped with EFI technology

October 29, 2017By

Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power recently introduced its Vanguard air-cooled V-Twin BIG BLOCK EFI engine, which gives landscape contractors the unmatched power and durability only BIG BLOCKs offer with the increased fuel efficiency of a closed-loop electronic fuel injection system. BIG BLOCK engines are designed for the toughest mowing jobs, powering commercial mowers with 54-inch cutting decks and larger. The... read more

New tech from Briggs & Stratton aims to reduce engine damage

May 1, 2017By

Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power released its Vanguard TransportGuard engine feature designed to prevent damage caused by oil and fuel dilution during transportation. “Our focus is always on enhancing the productivity of our customers,” said Jim Cross, marketing manager for Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power. “TransportGuard prevents downtime by effectively addressing a major problem: fuel contamination.” TransportGuard’s simultaneous fuel/ignition shutoff... read more

Briggs & Stratton expands V-Twin line

December 17, 2015By

Briggs & Stratton expanded its Commercial Series V-Twin engine line to include nine horsepower options, from 16 to 27 hp, in three engine models with displacements of 656 cc, 724 cc or 810 cc. “The new Commercial Series engine lineup gives customers an expanded range of power solutions for more applications, including commercial walk-behind mowers and concrete surfacing equipment,” said... read more

EFI now available in Vanguard Big Block engine

October 19, 2015By

Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power launched its Vanguard air-cooled V-Twin Big Block EFI engine in time for the GIE-EXPO. The engine is designed to give landscape contractors power and durability with the fuel efficiency of a closed-loop electronic fuel injection system, according to the company. “Since Vanguard pioneered the big block engine category in turf in 2005, they have been... read more

Altoz mower features new Briggs Vanguard engine

June 18, 2014By

Altoz joined with Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power to combine the new 810cc Vanguard engine with Altoz’s XP Z model mower. The Altoz line of precision mowers and the 810cc Vanguard engine both debuted last fall. Available in 54- or 61-inch deck models, the Altoz XP Z is part of its product lineup that includes zero-turn (ZTR) mowers. It features the Aero Deck... read more

Briggs unveils new mower engine

November 6, 2013By

Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power unveiled a new zero-turn mower engine—the Vanguard V-twin 810cc Engine, available in 24 to 26 gross horsepower models with engine displacement of 810 cubic centimeters (cc). “For the ZTR market, contractors want durability, reliability and most of all displacement,” said Dan Roche, marketing manager of commercial power for Briggs & Stratton, at a launch event and... read more