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Nufarm introduces Last Call, Anuew

February 19, 2014By

Nufarm rolled out two new products: Last Call herbicide and Anuew turf growth regulator. For use in cool-season turf weed management, Last Call is a postemergent product that contains a proprietary formulation of fenoxaprop, fluroxypyr and dicamba. “Last Call provides strong, effective control of crabgrass, especially in the mid-tiller stage of growth where quinclorac-based herbicides are less effective,” said Richard... read more

PBI/Gordon: Katana Turf Herbicide

January 17, 2014By

University trials prove Katana Turf Herbicide controls grassy and broadleaf weeds with postemergent and some preemergent activity. Highly selective in Bermuda, zoysia, centipede and buffalo grasses and seashore paspalum, Katana controls a much broader spectrum of grassy and broadleaf weeds than other products of its type – especially in cooler weather. www.pbigordon.com read more

Dow’s Defendor herbicide usable in NY, Mass.

December 12, 2013By

Dow AgroSciences’ Defendor specialty herbicide received registration in New York and Massachusetts, adding to the 45 other states it’s usable in. The postemergent herbicide provides early season control of dandelion and prevents the dreaded dandelion bloom. It also controls clover, chickweed and other annual and perennial broadleaf. State registrations from Arizona, California and Hawaii are still pending. read more

Bayer rolls out Specticle plus Fertilizer

October 29, 2013By

Bayer Environmental Science introduced Specticle plus Fertilizer, a herbicide that provides warm-season turf managers up to eight months of residual control at low-use rates. “Specticle plus Fertilizer is an example of delivering innovation to meet the needs of Green Industry professionals and help them be more efficient,” said Jeff Michel, Bayer’s herbicide business manager. “It allows turf managers to achieve... read more