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How you can get a leg up on brown and large patch

June 8, 2022By
Experts suggest two fungicide applications in the fall, four weeks apart, to treat large patch. (Photo: FMC)

Despite sharing some commonalities, brown and large patch develop on different turfgrasses and require different treatment. read more

BASF introduces the company’s first fungicide developed for lawn care

April 20, 2022By

BASF's first fungicide developed for lawn care offers broad-spectrum control of 26 cool- and warm-season diseases such as brown patch, dollar spot and more. read more

How to spot brown and large patch turf diseases

May 5, 2021By
Recovery from brown path and large patch can take months, so it’s important to spot symptoms early. (Photo courtesy of Syngenta)

Protect your turf from brown and large patch, which are common turf diseases that are easier for LCOs to prevent than they are to control. read more

Identifying and treating brown patch and large patch

May 8, 2020By
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When a section of turf loses its lively green color, there are several possible reasons, including brown and large patch. read more

How to diagnose large patch

May 6, 2019By
Large patch Large patch (Photo: Bayer)

The doctor is in, and we’re looking at the defining symptoms of and best practices for dealing with large patch, one of turf's peskiest problems. read more

Properly identify brown patch

March 8, 2019By
Photo: Lane Tredway

Brown spots on lawns can appear due to a variety of turf pests and diseases, but a common culprit is brown patch. Experts offer their tips for properly identifying and treating the disease. read more