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Confessions of a budget freak

October 14, 2013By

I am all about eliminating the guesswork we face in our businesses. Yes, I am a budget freak. Some of this stems from what my mentor, Emol Fails, Ph.D., instilled in me a long time ago. One such morsel was the construction industry is the second most risky business behind restaurants in the U.S. That doesn’t say much for us... read more

When is overtime OK?

October 11, 2013By

You’ve told your guys a thousand times, “No overtime!” It’s an unnecessary premium cost that cuts deep into your margins. Or is it? The unplanned, capricious use of overtime hurts financial performance. We rarely bid work at overtime rates, so it hurts margins. There are, however, times when the strategic use of overtime makes sense, as long as it’s limited... read more

How to prevent business failure

October 9, 2012By

As consultants, we’re constantly asked “What are the reasons companies succeed?” or “What do other companies do to make more money?” Recently, I received an unusual question: “What are the top 10 reasons companies fail?” Typically, consultants are optimists and think about why businesses succeed, so fielding this question is outside the normal response zone, but here goes. Lack of cash... read more

Benchmarking to ensure your budget flies

September 5, 2012By

Looking for our spreadsheet in the July issue? landscapemanagement.net/docs/benchmark-july-2012-rolling-budget-example.xlsx read more

Best Practices: It’s good if your head’s in the clouds

July 8, 2012By

You cannot do today’s business with yesterday’s tools or yesterday’s thinking. If the last few years have not convinced you that landscape maintenance services are a commodity and differentiated primarily by price, you are in the minority. If, in that same period of time, you have not reconsidered the tools you use to do business, you also are in the... read more

The Benchmark: Time for the 90-day scrub

July 7, 2012By

The absolute best management planning document on the planet is the rolling budget. Managed properly, there is no better management tool ever invented. Ever. In my January column, we spoke of the benefits of creating a budget for your year — documenting that budget, spreading it by month and focusing your management team’s energies to achieving those anticipated results. You... read more