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TAG: Budgeting

Budget for 2021 with our four-week plan

October 26, 2020By

Marty Grunder of The Grow Group and Grunder Landscaping Co. spells out how landscaping companies can budget for 2021 using a four-week plan. read more

Profit Power: Vision, strategy, process — what’s missing?

December 17, 2018By

It’s the time of the year to finalize next year’s budget — ideally anchored by renewing your strategic vision and plan for your business. Here are some key areas where companies miss the mark when doing their planning. Vision is more than a statement. It is a clarification of what the business is supposed to look like in the future.... read more

Pricing for risk

January 13, 2016By

The profit you earn on each of your services is driven by a few factors: The marketplace, how it’s priced and sold, how efficiently it’s produced and how much overheard you must recover. However, the profit you earn should ultimately reflect the risk associated with each service. The higher the risk, the higher the profit you should aim for. It’s with this... read more

Adhere to a budget

November 10, 2015By

How do you keep score in your business? How do you know if you’re winning or losing? Is it money in the bank? Profits? Growth? It’s all of that. Budgeting is key to your operational and financial plan, but how do you formulate a common-sense budget that’s useful and simple to understand and prepare? Start by understanding your vision. Knowing... read more

Landscape Management Network Mobile Software

October 5, 2015By

The best just got better. LMN introduces a whole new interface for budgeting, estimating, sales and leads. With brand new features and updates such as a budget analysis tool that notifies the user whether your budget is set according to industry average or not, and a whole new customer database so that you can keep track of your leads from... read more

Landscape Management Network time-tracking software

November 19, 2014By

Take the guesswork out of running a landscape company with LMN’s budgeting, estimating and time-tracking software. The right strategy– Make budgeting simple with software that sets profitable sales and spending targets. Includes hours of online help videos and free support. The right price– Never guess at a price again. LMN’s estimating software uses your budget to ensure every job covers... read more