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Ep. 3: What’s grosser than gross? Gross margin!

December 5, 2012By

As the old saying goes, “what gets measured gets managed, and what get’s managed gets improved.” Ed Laflamme of The Harvest Group Business Consulting will show you how to set gross margin goals and how to set up a system to track these goals. Tracking your gross margin is so important for the success of your landscape business. By doing... read more

Ep. 2: Have a business breakthrough, not a nervous breakdown

November 28, 2012By

If your business growth has slowed dramatically or stalled, the new economy may not be to blame! There’s a very good chance that you’re just stuck at one of the natural plateaus that plagues most landscape contractors. How you decide to manage your business right now can make the difference between propelling your business to the next level or remaining... read more

The hidden value of customer satisfaction

October 1, 2010By

How important is customer satisfaction? Not an easy question to answer. We all have opinions. Few of us have real, experience-based answers. How important is building profits and ensuring a greater return over time? To accomplish it, would you consider creating what can be a cultural paradigm shift in your company? Is an investment in re-tooling — or at the... read more