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Finances for the ‘small’ operator

February 17, 2015By
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A reader recently asked us to cover the topic of finances for the “smaller” operator with just a few employees and less than $250,000 in annual revenue. I thought about it and recognized successful finances have nothing to do with size but with organization and discipline. Sound financial management knows no size. Here are the five most important items for... read more

Jeffrey Scott Consulting 3-part webinar series

February 13, 2015By

Are you having problems finding good employees? Jeffrey Scott of Jeffrey Scott Consulting is hosting a three-part webinar series, “Become a Destination Company,” to teach you how to attract, find, develop and retain great employees. The first webinar, “Find and Attract the Best & Brightest Employees,” took place Feb. 12 and covered recruiting techniques, time loss and productivity. The second webinar of the... read more

Motivating customers to prepay

January 9, 2015By

Owning and managing a seasonal business has its challenges. Even the most profitable and thriving business can be out of business if it doesn’t properly manage cash flow. In other words, if there’s not gas in the tank, the engine’s not running. I experienced this first hand with my company, Noon Turf Care. A few years ago we had a... read more

If you don’t know…

January 9, 2015By

If you were asked to come up with a list of the top 10 reasons excellent employees should want to work for you, could you do it? Would the first five reasons come easily and then you’d have to dig a little, or are all 10 self-evident? I’ve found most business owners and managers can come up with a list... read more

Efficiency journey

January 9, 2015By

Sofa beds. Visits to the dentist. Michael Scott on “The Office.” This is my list of “uncomfortable things.” Here’s another: Changing a long-held company process or implementing a new one. We all know change is difficult. This can be particularly true when it comes to becoming more efficient as an organization, says green industry consultant Jim Paluch, president of JP... read more

In-season data collection

December 9, 2014By

During a winter event, a typical approach is “all hands on deck.” In the midst of all this activity, little if any effort is put toward data collection. It’s clearly a secondary priority (after taking care of the customer). Still, snow professionals with reliable information at their disposal are better equipped to assess the profitability of their operations. They’re also... read more