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High Performance: Mastering the art of appreciation

November 11, 2020By
Image: bankrx/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

The art of appreciation is one of those things that is obviously so beneficial but also so difficult to master for many leaders. More often than not, leaders unknowingly express a lack of appreciation, leading to serious negative consequences, especially with next generation team members who hunger for reassurance. In exit interviews that I have conducted, one of the most... read more

Why are we being audited for sales and use tax?

March 11, 2020By
Tax papers and calculator (Photo: utah778/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images)

At some point, your company will probably be selected for a sales and use tax audit, and you need to be prepared. For those landscape professionals who are in states where services are not subject to sales tax, you may believe that you have dodged the bullet. Not true! While the services you sell may not require that you collect... read more

The mistake many companies will make in 2020

February 13, 2020By
Customer with credit card (Photo: sturti/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images)

Recently I read an article in the New York Times about the ambitious plans Sweetgreen, a chain of salad restaurants, has embarked on. Started in 2007 by a group of young college grads with a single storefront in D.C., the company was an early success; today it boasts 103 outlets and an astounding valuation of $1.6 billion. Now the company... read more

Landscape pros share their 2020 business goals

January 14, 2020By

You’ve likely seen LM’s Question of the Week on social media. We wanted some insight on readers’ goals for the new year, so we posed the following question on Dec. 9: What are your business goals for 2020? See below for a few responses: “We are on a two-pronged attack. Improve customer service and focus on increasing our productivity through... read more

Jeffrey Scott announces 3-part webinar series ‘Landscape Technology Summit’

January 7, 2020By

In this new 3-part webinar series, Jeffrey Scott brings together a group of green-industry experts and business owners who will share how they have increased productivity and profitability in all facets of their operations by integrating the latest technologies. With labor continuing to be a problem, and with customers wanting real-time solutions quickly, you must embrace technology in order to... read more

Grow with Grunder: When you lose a key team member

September 25, 2019By

There are few guarantees in business, but at least one thing is for certain: At one time or another you will lose a key team member — whether it’s to another company or industry, to retirement or another life change, or to firing — and how you prepare for this and respond to it can make all the difference.  In... read more