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TAG: Business Basics

Discover your blue ocean

June 18, 2018By
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Imagine a world without competitors, where you are able to charge whatever you want and get it. Imagine having highly qualified personnel, customers who are patient and strong positive cash flow. Welcome to the premium market. The premium market is a different world than what most of us operate in. In the bestselling book “Blue Ocean Strategy,” author W. Chan... read more

The one-minute management report

June 15, 2018By
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When I look at a set of financials, I want to determine within one minute if the company is profitable and if the revenues and expenses are in line with industry standards. So, how do we create such a report? Start with your chart of accounts Surprisingly, many companies use a generic chart of accounts. These charts are usually created... read more

The power of stay conversations

April 25, 2018By
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Although departing employees often will tell you they’re leaving for “more money,” research studies repeatedly confirm the No. 1 reason great employees leave is because of their managers. In HR circles, there’s even a saying for it: “People join companies and leave managers.” This does not mean, however, that managers who lose good people are hopelessly inept. On the contrary,... read more

Business Basics: Too hot to handle?

March 19, 2018By
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A growing business produces many benefits, if it’s managed properly. Growth often results in new positions, opportunities for advancement, a more stable management team, better technology utilization and more. We can all agree that growth is generally a good thing. But how much growth is too much? What are the dangers of growing too quickly? What do we need to... read more

Growing green industry careers

September 21, 2017By
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When I was graduating from college in 1984 with my undergraduate degree in business and marketing, I had no clue that I would have a career in the green industry. I was simply looking for a company that would provide me with an opportunity, that would invest in me and provide me career potential. In return, I would give the... read more

The power of the five firsts

July 11, 2017By
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First impressions are lasting; hourly employees are not. Before they’ve been on the job six months, more than half of them are gone. Some were probably not a good fit for the job in the first place, but some productive, dependable, hard-to-replace employees bolt, too. And contrary to what they may tell you, they didn’t really leave for more money.... read more