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Sperber Landscape Cos. partners with Conserve LandCare

August 6, 2019By

The newly launched Sperber Landscape Cos. (SLC) partnered with Conserve LandCare. Launched earlier this year, SLC primarily provides commercial landscape maintenance services, as well as some design/installation services for select commercial projects. The company is headquartered in Calabasas, Calif., serving clients throughout the U.S. Founded in 2010, Conserve provides commercial landscape maintenance, construction, enhancements, irrigation, water conservation and tree care services. Headquartered... read more

Profit Power: Are partnerships good for business?

March 22, 2017By

  Is it more satisfying and profitable to be a sole owner or to have a business partner? Recently, I have found myself working with many companies that are co-owned and co-run. It shows up in many flavors: two siblings, a husband and wife or simply two business partners—either a younger and older generation or two friends. I will share... read more

AgBiome, SePro partner on new product for turf ornamental market

July 12, 2016By

AgBiome Innovations entered into a new business partnership with SePro to develop a new biological product for the turf and ornamental market. The first product, a broad-spectrum fungicide, is expected to be available for applications in early 2017, according to the companies. “Our ever-growing collection of sequenced microbes, combined with AgBiome’s proprietary screening capabilities, results in unique and powerful discoveries that will benefit... read more