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High Performance: Teamwork lessons from the FIFA World Cup

July 10, 2018By

  In most countries around the world, the FIFA World Cup Soccer tournament is bigger than the Super Bowl is in the U.S. It is a really, really big deal. This tournament showcases top-level talent from around the globe. Players from all different teams come together to compete for their home countries. In doing so, they provide an excellent example... read more

Overcoming the talent crisis

February 15, 2017By
Photo: © Lampard

Understand the root causes of the landscape industry talent crisis. Then, find ways to promote the industry and your company. As I travel throughout the country, it’s become increasing clear the single overwhelming constraint facing landscape contractors is talent. From entry level to middle management to executive leadership, finding people to fill positions has become a bigger issue than raising... read more

Are you on the grid or gridlocked?

December 3, 2013By

Our customers are using technology to research and communicate with us online; our suppliers are using technology to make more efficient equipment; and many of us are managing our businesses, irrigation programs and operating strategies with cloud-based programs. Everywhere you look the strategic use of technology is driving improved performance. It’s safe to say technology has opened up new ways... read more

More best practices from Mark Carrico

February 4, 2011By

Where do you have the most success in terms of bidding and profitability? “The larger jobs that we bid are the most competitive. That’s probably because there aren’t that many really large properties in our region, not like in a larger metropolitan region anyway. It’s harder to match the low bids that we’re seeing on these large properties. We would... read more

Keys to managing a sales machine

May 1, 2010By

Developing a sales machine is the most important investment a landscape contractor can make. Given pricing conditions and the negative impact this is exacting on gross profit margins, generating increased revenue volume is necessary to achieve net profit dollar goals. Key to this revenue generation effort is the sales team. The team has never been more important, and its management... read more

Change management key to progress

March 1, 2010By

Over the past 18 months, we have seen dramatic changes in the economic and political environment. These seismic shifts have affected all types of businesses, and changed the way we will be doing business in the future. They also are forcing companies to reluctantly incorporate changes into their organizations. For many companies, change is difficult — and for good reason.... read more