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Landscape pros share their 2020 business goals

January 14, 2020By

You’ve likely seen LM’s Question of the Week on social media. We wanted some insight on readers’ goals for the new year, so we posed the following question on Dec. 9: What are your business goals for 2020? See below for a few responses: “We are on a two-pronged attack. Improve customer service and focus on increasing our productivity through... read more

Scale up your business by ‘trimming the fat’

September 18, 2019By
Landscape design photo (Photo: Frontiers Landscape Architecture)

Doug Taylor’s lean approach to growth has helped his Ontario-based Frontiers Landscape Architecture design/build firm thrive. read more

Leading: 3 things a leader can adjust to keep the business on course

September 25, 2017By

I’ve kept this picture on the corner of my desk for quite a few years. It serves as a daily reminder to me, and to those who come meet with me, that it’s necessary for us to continually make adjustments to reach desired goals. The art of sailing teaches that concept in a most tactile way! I suppose that’s one... read more

High Performance: Marketing strategies that reap results

February 13, 2017By

As I mentioned in last month’s blog post, marketing strategies are often ignored as marketers are in a rush to focus on marketing tactics. This is a big mistake. A key part of a marketing strategy is segmentation and targeting. Marketers who miss this important step are often disappointed with their marketing results and don’t know why. Without properly segmenting... read more

Business Basics: Making your strategy relevant

March 8, 2016By

One of the biggest challenges with strategic planning is making it real on a daily basis. Just because a plan exists doesn’t mean that day-to-day behaviors will change. Something needs to be done for there to be an impact on specific actions of individuals. Implementing strategy is where the rubber meets the road. The question is, what steps may be... read more

Jeffrey Scott to bring business workshop to St. Louis

February 29, 2016By

Jeffrey Scott is partnering with Scott’s Power Equipment and LM magazine to bring his one-day business workshop to St. Louis on March 17. The Grow Your Landscape Business Workshop focuses on helping landscape contractors succeed in three critical areas: better people, proven systems and more profitable sales. This workshop covers Jeffrey Scott’s five-step business-building process. It also includes his exclusive Grow Your... read more