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GreenMark offers business workshops

February 9, 2016By

GreenMark Consulting Group released the dates for its Landscape & Irrigation Business Bootcamp. This work session will bring together industry experts to help landscape and irrigation professionals plan and implement successful business strategies. Each session will focus on the four core elements of business according to GreenMark—getting the business, doing business, running the business and guiding the business—and how to... read more

Simplify strategic planning

January 29, 2016By
Photo illustration: ©iStock.com/Alex Belomlinsky

Several large-scale studies have shown that most organizations in the U.S. haven’t embraced strategic planning as a regular, ongoing, essential business process. Strategic planning is usually attempted with a half-hearted approach. Not surprisingly, these attempts produce limited results. Additionally, because many strategic 
planning processes are overly complicated, it’s common for leaders to be frustrated by the time and effort expended.... read more

2015 Lawn Care Forum: M&A activity in the green industry

January 24, 2016By

Ron Edmonds, principal consultant for The Principium Group, talks about mergers and acquisitions occurring in the green industry. Read a Q&A with Edmonds on this topic from the November 2015 issue of Landscape Management. read more

2015 Lawn Care Forum: Business challenges pt. 2

December 10, 2015By

2015 Lawn Care Forum, including Phil Fogarty of Weed Man; Derek Blumberg of Quality Seasons; and James White of Advantage Green Lawn & Pest Control, discuss business challenges they’ve faced in 2015 and how they’ve overcome them. read more

High Performance: Offense or defense?

October 30, 2015By

When I was a young boy, I played organized football. I was relatively smart, quick and athletic, but small—especially for football. I ended up playing in the defensive backfield as a safety—in a position where I wouldn’t be much of a factor in the game. At least that’s how I saw it. My job was to make sure nothing got... read more

5 Ps of sales management

September 28, 2015By

The tragedy of sales management is that good (sometimes great) salespeople are promoted to sales managers, where they often fail. They’re promoted to their level of incompetence. What makes a good salesperson differs from what makes a good sales manager. Sales management is a role you can’t study in school. It’s learned on the job. Yet, if you want to... read more