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Going back to normal with outdated practices? No, thank you!

May 10, 2021By

As the COVID-19 vaccine is becoming more widely distributed, employers are increasingly taking steps to get back to normal. Across the U.S., companies are announcing plans to bring workers back to offices, back to in-person meetings, increasing the limits of participants at conferences, etc. All of these steps are efforts to get back to normal. However, if getting back to... read more

Grow with Grunder: How to increase your revenue per client

June 24, 2020By
Photo: ImagePixel/iStock / Getty Images/Getty Images Plus

One metric we watch closely at Grunder Landscaping Co. (GLC) is our average revenue per client. It’s, of course, critical to proactively and continually seek new prospects, but your current client base can also be an important source of additional revenue if you’re smart and intentional about it. Here are three tactics we take at Grunder Landscaping Co. to improve... read more

Grow with Grunder: Are you making this management mistake?

June 3, 2020By

This time of year, many landscaping companies are at their busiest, and owners and managers are often at their most stressed. With so much on the line, you’re intently focused on execution — you have to be! — so when a team member doesn’t perform a task or deliver on a project the way you want them to, there’s a... read more

March landscape madness, baby!

April 23, 2019By
Photo: Seth Jones

Editor-in-chief Seth Jones summarizes the National Collegiate Landscape Competition and describes how March madness was a bit different than years past. read more

What I’m Reading Wednesday: Great management questions

April 16, 2014By

I like a good question. After all, I get paid to ask questions and report on the answers. That’s probably why this Inc. article grabbed my attention. “100 Great Questions Every Entrepreneur Should Ask” Inc. Last year we published the October Business Planner issue of Landscape Management around a similar inquisitive theme. We commissioned a series of articles answering the... read more

PLANET books landscape business management workshops

November 18, 2013By

In partnership with Landscape Management Network and Caterpillar, the Professional Landcare Network (PLANET) is bringing two-day landscape business workshops to five locations nationwide this winter. The workshops enable attendees to use their own company financial data to customize a plan for sales, wages, equipment and overhead spending, allowing them to calculate what their company needs to charge for labor, equipment... read more