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Lessee vs. Buyer

September 27, 2015By

When it comes to your mower fleet, 
which option is a good fit for you?   9 questions 
to ask yourself when deciding to lease or buy Which method of purchasing will enable the lowest overall cost per hour to operate the equipment? What are your business plans for the next two to three years? Is cash needed for other... read more

Lease or buy?

June 11, 2015By

Pros + Cons Leasing and buying are the primary ways landscape contractors add to their fleets, but don’t forget about renting. Here are some pros and cons for each option. Buying +Pro: Residual or resale value. You can trade it in down the road to offset the cost of the next equipment you buy. +Pro: Asset depreciation reduces your tax... read more

Order the combo platter

July 1, 2009By

By: Curt Harler The combination plate at a Chinese restaurant or fish house is usually the best deal. You get a meal that offers several tasty treats. Combination equipment works much in the same way: For one price you get a product offering at least a couple of functions. Combination machines like the Rapid M with the Gravely Car Pusher can... read more

Best Practices: Yes – buying can save you money

March 1, 2009By

This year presents both challenges and opportunities when it comes to making capital expenditures for new equipment. Among the challenges are the trying economic times — which in and of themselves present some great opportunities to save on equipment costs. Now more than ever, owners should be deliberate in their equipment-buying decisions. Obviously, if you are in a situation where... read more