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Leadership school

April 13, 2018By
Photos: Cagwin & Dorward

How Cagwin & Dorward builds future leaders. At Cagwin & Dorward, a full-service landscape provider specializing in maintenance for primarily commercial clients, there has always been a strong focus on providing leadership training and development for managers. But a little over a year ago, Steve Glennon, president, CEO and COO of the Novato, Calif.-based firm, says the company also began... read more

What I’m Reading Wednesday: Cagwin & Dorward, grammar and the “Memorial Mower”

November 20, 2013By

“What I’m Reading Wednesday” is back after a brief hiatus last week while I was in Orlando, Fla., for the second annual Landscape Management Lawn Care Forum. I know, I know, excuses are like armpits, so I’ll stop making them and get to this week’s reads. “Cornerstones: Cagwin & Dorward” Pacific Sun (San Rafael, Calif.) Readers often tell us their... read more

The landscape industry keeps on truckin’

May 18, 2012By

By Tom Crain From four-wheel drives to alternative fuels, maintenance trucks continue to move forward. For the past 50 years, pickup trucks, vans and trailer combos have been the most popular vehicles for mobilizing work crews and equipment in the landscaping industry. In the mid-’50s, Ford introduced its F-100 truck series with the first automatic transmission and overhead valve V8... read more

Competitive pricing

October 1, 2010By

In 2009, Novato, Calif.-based Cagwin & Dorward was down around 14% in lost revenue. Like so many other companies, they were hit hard by the economy, and experienced lost accounts and lots of scaling back. Since then, the company has rebounded greatly and is currently looking at a little more than 4% growth for 2010. What that difficult year has... read more

Avoid hazards

June 1, 2004By

Here are ten ways to work more safely; and stories from three landscapers who have learned the hard way. read more

Say no to ZTR mower mishaps

June 1, 2004By

Training needs to address the fact that many zero-turn operators are foreign born. read more