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TAG: California drought

Locked in a drought California takes drastic measures to slash water use

June 15, 2022By

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California ordered communities to cut water use and implement one-day-a-week watering restrictions. read more

Water World: Water-saving success

May 13, 2019By
Irrigation technology (Photo: Deborah Harkins, HydroPoint)

Location: Palo Alto, Calif. Company: Gachina Landscape Management A well-planned irrigation system is never more important than during a drought. With water conservation in mind, Gachina Landscape Management renovated Oak Creek Apartments’ irrigation system. It was California’s worst drought in decades, but the Gachina team helped Oak Creek take advantage of a $50,000 rebate from the Santa Clara Valley Water... read more

How long will California’s drought last? Maybe hundreds of years, study shows

September 28, 2016By

California’s five-year drought, which has effects as diverse as an increase in devastating wildfires and the normalization of brown lawns, could become the region’s “new normal,” according to researchers. The study, published in journal Scientific Reports, looked at periods over the past 10,000 during which natural climatic forces—like sun spots, a slight change in earth’s orbit or a decrease in volcanic activity—warmed the region through a... read more

Inside California’s drought

July 15, 2016By

The Irrigation Association released its Drought Summit Report late last year. We break it down here. IA’s tips for the landscaping industry: Adopt a model irrigation ordinance at the local level to increase irrigation efficiencies in newly installed commercial and residential landscape irrigation systems. Authorize the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense program and incentivize the use of WaterSense-labeled technologies and... read more

TurfMutt releases elementary classroom materials

February 22, 2016By

TurfMutt, an environmental stewardship and education program, added new classroom materials for grades K to 5. In conjunction with Scholastic, TurfMutt created a digital storybook, titled “The West Coast Mission,” an online climate change game and lesson plans for teachers. The program helps students learn about science and the environment from the perspective of the backyard, community and personal green... read more

How landscape water use stacks up in California

November 13, 2015By and

A perspective on the California drought and landscape water use. Landscape water use in California accounts for 9 percent of the total statewide water use. Thus, if we never watered another home or public landscape, park, sports field or golf course in California, the state would save 9 percent of its average total water consumption. This does not seem like... read more