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Web Extra: The CJL way to plant warranties

September 10, 2014By

Chris James Landscaping, featured in “Evening it out” in the September 2014 issue of Landscape Management, requires clients to sign a contract for plant warranties. Chris James Landscaping (CJL) put parameters on its plant warranties. And all 22 of them are transparently listed on its planting warranty contract, which must be signed by the client and CJL President Chris James... read more

How to approach plant warranties

September 4, 2014By

Landscape professionals share the different approaches they take to plant warranties. After a long day of installing plants, including junipers and barberry shrubs, the gloves come off and it’s closing time. Another job done; another happy customer. Days and weeks fly by until the client calls, upset that several plants are dead. Question asked: Whose fault is it? Are these... read more

Throwback Thursday: September 1997

January 9, 2014By

“It’s 30 degrees and the brutal winds blow and drift snow across the roadways, making many streets impassable.” Sound familiar? For a handful of you who are based in the Northeast and Midwest, this setting is probably far too familiar this week, thanks to the polar vortex that didn’t quite impact the entire nation, but certainly made its fair share... read more

Creating good leaders

February 1, 2002By

Every landscape and lawn company owner knows how difficult it is to find quality employees. It's even more difficult to find employees with good leadership skills or with the potential to develop into leaders. read more